Lead Yourself

Winning matters not only in sport but also in the boardroom. Shawnee Harle, founder of Dynamic Coaching Solutions, holds a Master’s Degree in Coaching Studies and has more than 20 years of coaching and leadership experience including the Olympic Games, World Championships and corporate Calgary.

Lead Others

Shawnee Harle's vast experience in the elite world of sport transfers directly to the business world where success is talent oriented and people driven. Shawnee brings her world class coaching portfolio and unique approach to give managers the tools to lead their team to winning results.

Learn to Follow

A winning culture is not created by words posted on the wall or carried around on laminated cards. A winning culture is the shared attitudes, behaviours, standards, and beliefs that characterize the people in an organization and define its nature.

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For business to be successful, managers, presidents, VP’s and CEO’s must lead with vision. But in order to transform from good to great, they must also lead with wisdom and insight. Wise, insightful leaders will not only maximize business potential, but in the process, elevate their team above the competition.

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1 on 1 Mental Toughness Coaching

1 on 1 Mental Toughness Coaching is for athletes from all sports and all ages who want to learn

Empower Our Kids and Athletes

We want our kids and athletes to successfully deal with the difficulties that sport (and life) present and learn to embrace risk and discomfort because they have the tools to handle both.

Mental Toughness for Athletes

When talent levels out, Mental Toughness is what separates good from great. Sport, just like life, is tough. It is full of problems, frustrations and disappointments.

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Come and Learn

Shawnee holds a Master’s Degree in Coaching Studies and is the only basketball coach in Canada, male or female, with NCCP Level 5.

Coaching Clinics

Are there basketball coaches in your area, at your school or in your community that want professional development? Do your coaches need more tools in their coaching tool kit and some new ideas for their team?

Coach School

Coach School is for coaches working with junior high, high school, U13 to U17 and any other players who have some experience with the game but are at the intermediate level.

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Shawnee's Fall Academy

Do you want to raise your game, improve your shooting, get more tools in your basketball toolkit? Are your frustrated when the plays or drills you have been working on in practice don't work in the game?

Awesome Hoops Camp

Awesome Hoops is the only camp that teaches the international FIBA game using the Canada Basketball curriculum. This camp provides the “complete package” for player development.

Shawnee Delivers

Nobody else teaches the game the way I do - I will show you how to become a player and "think the game."

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For Speaking Engagements

Prepare to be enlightened and inspired as Shawnee tailors her message to fit any audience.


Are you looking for an engaging, charismatic speaker for your sport or corporate event? Are you looking for a delivery that leaves the audience wanting more?
Prepare to be ENERGIZED.


Are you looking for a message that will infuse your group with direction and purpose? A message that will energize and stir your people to action?
Prepare to be MOTIVATED.


Do you want to hear from a speaker that will keep you on the edge of your seat? Are you ready for a message that will not only move you, but change you?
Prepare to be INSPIRED.

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